Missions and Visions

Turkish National Committee for Air Pollution and Control (TUNCAP) is a national organization working under article 7/m of Law of Higher Education of Turkey. It aims linking academics, industry and administrators working in the field of air pollution and control in the country. It creates a forum for transfer of ideas, new developments, scientific research interests and their implementation in Turkey.

Following are the specific mission goals of TUNCAP: 

• Supporting, undertaking research, and disseminating the results of scientific and technical studies of air pollution and control in Turkey, 

• Determining the importance of air pollution from point and diffused sources of residential heating, traffic and industries, carrying out coordinated studies among establishments, governmental bodies and real persons in order to improve the air quality of the country by controlling these sources, 

• Transfer of scientific and technical information and experience in air pollution control in domestic, commercial or industrial point sources; air, land and sea traffic sources and diffused sources by way of increasing the combustion efficiency or similar methods, 

• Conducting national studies in the field of air pollution and control, and carry out coordinated studies with other establishments and persons in the same direction, 

• Participating in international efforts of "The International Union of Air Pollution Prevention Associations (IUAPPA)" in the same direction worldwide and representing Turkey in this union.