23-27 SEPTEMBER 2019


Dear Colleagues and Friends;

It is my great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 18th World Clean Air Congress organized by the Turkish National Committee for Air Pollution Control (TUNCAP) and the International Union of Air Pollution Prevention Associations (IUAPPA) in collaboration with regional air pollution control organizations from around the world, which will be hosted in Istanbul in September 2019.

In spite of the significant worldwide progress we have made in improving air quality, 92% of the world’s population still lives in places where air quality exceeds WHO guidelines. According to WHO, an estimated 6.5 million deaths were associated with air pollution in 2012. This cause of mortality accounts for 11.6% of all global deaths. More urgent efforts are now therefore needed to develop and implement the policies, investment programs and technologies needed to reduce the sources of air pollution.

The 18th World Clean Air Congress, as one of the premier events in the field, will provide a worldwide platform for scientists, policy makers and industrialists to discuss state-of-the-art scientific knowledge and latest progress and technical solutions in improving air quality.

The declaration of the last World Clean Air Congress, attended by over 1100 participants in Busan, South Korea in 2016, focused on identifying the contribution of air pollution control to improving health, achieving climate mitigation targets, and meeting sustainable development goals at the local, regional and global levels. The aim of the upcoming Congress is to extend these efforts, to help provide the foundations for a global atmospheric strategy which can better address current challenges and protect the atmospheric environment in the longer term.

Istanbul is one of the most unique and fascinating cities in the world - bridging two continents it is a blend of East and West, Mediterranean and Asian. Today’s mega city has a wonderful historic legacy of religion and culture, along with a rich scientific tradition. This dynamic and modern city was the capital of three ancient empires over the centuries: Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. It has a remarkable heritage that enriches any visit.

We have a great team working to make this a truly outstanding conference, and I look forward to meeting you in our beautiful city of Istanbul, in September 2019.

Dr. Selahattin Incecik
President of IUAPPA

WCAC 2019


23-27 SEPTEMBER 2019


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